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The Sound of Silence was inspired by a ten day Vipassana Meditation retreat, which consisted of ten days of solitude and silence with ten hours of meditation per day. With this album, I set out to create music that would reflect my inner experience of this deep meditation. To do so, I set up a mobile recording studio in a wooden yurt set deep within 60 acres of pristine Michigan forest. For one month, I stayed in a quiet off-grid cabin in the woods, preparing myself for this inward journey. My days consisted of Yoga, meditation, and contemplative walks through the woods, as well as turning the yurt into a suitable recording space.

The album was recorded over a seven day period of solitude and Noble Silence near the end of this month. During these seven days, I followed a schedule similar to the Vipassana retreat, with Yoga and meditation in the mornings and music from the afternoon until the evening. All of the music on this album was conceived and composed during the month at Blooming Valley Retreats. All sounds were played and recorded during the seven day period. Recording this album was one of the most profound experiences of my life.

The album features the sounds of the handpan, didgeridoo, and guitar, as well as analog and digital synthesizers. It is a fusion of instrumental music that will take you on a deep inward journey. 


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